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 Community Transportation Networks virtual open house meetings.

Interactive Map Tool Input

Thank you to all community members who provided feedback and completed a survey through our interactive mapping tool. The map tool is now closed to new comments, but feel free to review what others have added by navigating to the map tool and clicking on the area you are interested in. The Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure will incorporate the feedback provided through this mapping tool to develop recommendations in Northwest, Central, and South Central Denver.

About Community Transportation Networks

Denver has experienced rapid growth over the last decade and we began hearing concerns from the community about increased traffic congestion and lack of viable alternatives to driving.  The Mayor’s Mobility Action Plan, released in 2017, recognized that bold efforts were needed to keep people moving in our city, safely, and supported a shift in Denver’s transportation system, which has historically prioritized travel by car. This requires we make changes to our streets, and Denver’s Department of Transportation & Infrastructure is working with residents on ways to do that in their communities.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is committed to creating a bike network that connects people to the places they want to go, and achieving a network of better bike facilities in Denver that make it more comfortable, safe, and accessible for people to ride bikes. Through 2024, Denver will be concentrating in three areas to implement a system of bikeways:

  • Central
  • Northwest
  • South Central

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